Adding additional pictures to your blog posts is super simple! Just follow these instructions and watch the short video because visuals help!

To add pictures to a post:

  1. Login to your WordPress admin site (if you haven’t already).
  2. Hover over Posts and click on All Posts.
  3. Click on the title of the post you wish to edit.
  4. Click at the end of the section that should appear before your picture and hit “enter” or “return”.
  5. Hover over that new empty area and click on the icon that looks like a plus. 
  6. Here you are choosing the type of “block” to add and we want an image, so click on image. 
  7. Now it will prompt you to upload a picture or select one from your media library. Choose media library since you can do both from there. 
  8. Either select your picture or click upload to browse your computer for it and upload it. 
  9. You can give your picture a caption if you wish. Once you are done, click “Publish” or “Update”.